The Psy-ences Project

The Psy-ences Project is a regional seminar, launched by Elizabeth Lunbeck (History, Princeton), Emily Martin (Anthropology, NYU), and Louis Sass (Clinical Psychology, Rutgers), that will provide a venue for scholars—from graduate students to professors to practitioners—concerned with the emergence and social influence of such disciplines as psychiatry, psychology, psychoanalysis, and psychopharmacology. Our hope is that The Psy-ences Project fosters communication and scholarly exchange among researchers in this increasingly culturally potent area by holding workshops several times each year.

Speakers for 2010-11 included Elizabeth Lunbeck, Fernando Vidal, Andreas Mayer, and Alison Winter.  

For 2011-12: Don Kulick, Louis Sass, and Janet Jenkins. 

For 2012-13: Alison Bechdel and Mindy Fullilove.

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