Course Offerings

The Institute for the History of the Production of Knowledge is intended to provide opportunities for groups of students and faculty to explore the links between past and present epistemological interrogations as a means of increasing our understanding of the ramifications such changes can have. Because no range of seminars could possibly exhaust the topics related to this enterprise, the Institute offers no set curriculum. Instead, the Institute offers graduate seminars, the subjects of which vary from term to term. These seminars treat topics related to knowledge-production in general.

The Institute’s mandate is to enhance the graduate curriculum with original courses that would not ordinarily find a place in established departments. In this capacity, IHPK faculty work collaboratively with faculty in other departments and programs to develop and offer innovative courses that examine topics in the production and organization of knowledge. All courses developed by Institute faculty are then formally sponsored by, or cross-listed, with appropriate NYU departments and programs as topical seminars.